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Reply Pastor: P.Davidraj & Sister: P.Gracemary
12:08 AM on August 8, 2013 
Beloved Evangelists Kenneth and Sheila Hall in Christ! Greetings to you in
Jesus name! We are a charitable and not profit organization (
EVERLASTING FATHER ORPHANGE ) from India, who is taking care of 27
orphan children, South India, Andhra Pradesh. I am Pastor: P.Davidraj
( B.A.,B.Th.,) Founder and President of EFO. We had a chat before on SKYPE on July 28th too. I hope you have seen some of our orphans and demolished home too. Brother! We were very badly affected by floods and strong winds this year June, Our orphan home got wiped away by these floods, as the canal of behind of our home got overflowed. Our orphans they have lost their shelter, their clothing, cots, blankets, jerkins,
shoes, some books, etc?.they have absolutely nothing. Not only that we have a stroe room for them in the same home, we stored rice, groundnut oil, vegetables, provisonals there. We have lost everything too. By Lord?s grace
at that time they were not at home, they went out for school, so no
deaths were recorded. We thank God in this regard. Now they just have
a blanket for each other and two pairs of dress. Dear Johnson! Me too
grown up like an orphans since at the age of my 9 yrs old, I was
rejected and despised by my parents, family and friends, only for the
reason I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior, I was born in a Hindu
priest?s family. So I know the problems of orphans in INDIA. Me and my
wife ( Sister: Gracemary B.Tech, B.Th.,) , both we have a great
vision and burden about the orphans, poor and needy in India.

Beloved Evangelist in Christ! We asked for the help of our government to rebuild our
orphan home and contacted many local ministries to help but they were
simply rejected. Our Government has cancelled every fund and aid for
Christian organizations in 2009. Even we are able to feed our children
only once per a day, they are becoming sick through insufficient food
and much cold as it is rainy season and coming months are winter too.
They are just sleeping on the floor with out cots, blankets and
pillows. So, we have been prayerfully writing you to help our children
to rebuild their homes, monthly sponsors for them, to provide their
essential needs (Food, clothing, jerkins, blankets, shoes, books,

We and our children would be very grateful to you if you could help
to rebuild their home. We believe in JAMES !:27 in the BIBLE. Brother!
Please take a look over our website to know more about our orphans and
their condition www.efmindia.webs.com.Thank you so much
for your time and patience to read our email. If you would like to see
our orphans and their demolished homes you can see through skype, we
are on skype as grace.efm. You can contact us through phone : +91
8143313289. Brother Johnson! Your help for these little ones would be
really appreciable and it would be honorable in the sight of our
living God. We have been hopefully and prayerfully waiting to hear
from you soon!

Your's in Him

PIN CODE - 508207
WEBSITE: www.efmindia.webs.com
Skype : grace.efm
Mobile : +91 8143313289, +91 9959787169.
Reply keijo
6:33 AM on March 29, 2011 
So great privilege when we can be wittnes to Jesus agin today and see hot the lord will save and touch us and involve in us with power and the word of life in be righteousness and holy with new person in God ,be bless and go an and win your relatives to Christ,thank with faith,keijo sweden
5:03 PM on December 30, 2010 
Kingdom Greeting in Jesus Christ Precious Name,
Dear Servant of Lord Jesus Christ,I hope that You have Celebrated Christmas with Happiness and it was blessed for You,I Believe that you are doing great by his amazing grace,This is Pastor Ashknaz Silas Servant of Lord like you,We are serving Lord in Pakistan where doing Ministries is not a easy work,We need your prayers and moral Support to continue the work of Lord.We we very Big Mission work in Pakistan our focus toward unreached areas those areas which are very far away from the local city,Where our Poor Christan brother and sisters makes the bricks under the Landlords they makes bricks and bear their anger.By God Grace we are doing Following Ministries listed below.

1- Church Planting
3-Establishing Free Middle School in Villages,
4-Bible in distribution among Needy peoples in Pakistan
5-Bible College Ministries
6-kids Bible School Ministries
7- Care Home Ministries for Neglected peoples

Please Join us in your prayers we need your prayer and also your fellowship,This Country need salvation and please Feel this burden,I hope that You will be blessed when you will visit our website.

I hope to hear from you Soon.

Bible For Needy Ministries Pakistan
Phone: 0092-301-4350713
Email:[email protected]
Reply Lady Purvis
10:22 PM on September 12, 2010 
Grace & Peace,
Believe it or not, your ministry is so real and such a refreshing. I'm a minister and both my husband and I pastor a church in Atlanta. I am blessed by your ministry and at the same time I feel like I'm being mentored by you (which is great). I'm new at this blog talk stuff too but, however the Lord wants to use me, use me. Let's stay connected. Lady Purvis.
Reply Overseer Eric Phillips
10:11 PM on June 8, 2010 
Great teaching tonite (Psalms 91)